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    Welcome to our gourmet haven à la lyonnaise. Up there, you will appreciate the view... as well as our lyonnais character. Jérémy’s menu is inspired by today’s cuisine and sprinkled with flavours from our region. To make sure to get the right tastes, we favour local and seasonnal products. Will you taste our lyonnais character ?

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    The Trois Dômes’ menu is inspired from modern recipes and seasonned with lyonnais touches. The Chef personnalises them giving them taste, generosity and quality, three ingredients essential to a good dish. Friendliness is also on the menu with dishes or finger food to share.

    Food quality is also guaranteed by following the seasons. It allows the restaurant to confirm its ethical and eco-friendly positionning... and assures wonderful tastes.


Chef Jérémy Ravier

Jérémy has been used to good cuisine since he was little thanks to his grandmas’ cooking. He has always been interested in the way recipes were made and the products transformed.

After his professional qualification and his apprenticeship, his experience was in gastronomic and starred establishments. After several enriching experiences including with Pierre Orsi, he grew as a cook before he took over the 3 Dômes' cuisine.

He still is captivated by the way raw products are transformed into beautiful dishes. He particularly enjoys preparing fishes and cooking dishes which require long preparations such as the pâté-croûte.

To create a menu, the takes inspiration in the world in which he evolves, when he goed to a restaurant, on a trip or when he discovers new products. He likes keeping an eye on new tendancies to adapt them to his way of cooking.

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Tailor-made services

Should you wish to organize a celebration or a professional event, we will be pleased to plan your project at Les Trois Dômes or in a function room.

To book a table for 8 people or more or privatise the restaurant, please contact our sales department : h0553-sb3 at sofitel dot com – 04 72 41 21 00